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A Game of Masks

Left Face.jpg

Speaking in monochrome


the drones dragging into 

the distant expanses

stretching them backwards 

folding them into themselves

unfolding them


The daring was lost 

The daring was stolen

for a while

mistakenly taken for 



And stopped in its tracks

meandering in the perpetual moment

of uncertainty 

the scaffolding precariously holding the Work 

in progress 

of Us…


T  r  u  s  t


This power will give

This power will rise

and receive 

the calling-upon

of truths unknown

and majesties unknowable, by human minds…


Until the moment of their birth

before our eyes

gives rise 

to the true 

the undeniable 

feeling of purity 

intention, emotion, being, willing - thrilling

becoming - conquering 

and surrendering alike



Together we strike

the arrows true

to the heart      o f     t h e    S u n


[ of our existence  ]






But now…  i N - s A - N i -T y

the vulnerability of this moment holds us captive

…willingly dreaming of 

future-past, at last 

we ride into 


with rattle-sounds in the backbone of our breaths

steady and steadier, as we go



the withholding

the control 

in the releasing

the unleashing of terror - divine


Misled by righteousness of action  / re-action

torn away from 

the side of 

it’s Other face:


a   M a s k   we hold


and wear anew 

with every look


the mirror - pool - eyes - of 


the  O t h e r .




Let your aim be true. 

Right Face.jpg
A Game of Masks.JPG

Oils on canvas lightly primed with PVA, black emulsion applied with bird feathers

120 x 160 cm


You can purchase prints of this work  here:

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