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I was a Multitude…

my eyes could see only from one

one moving Body, one moving vantage point… 

yet I could feel from beyond, 

and at all times

all the rest of my bodies


In Dark silhouettes we were flying across the fluid hilltops 

with hopes to converge into a vague centre 

but it was not about meeting

or conjoining

it was more about feeling 

the space between

our Dream-bodies 

as we traced its edges and tasted its qualities.


And we were all singing… emanating frequencies

creating sound, becoming sound, morphing sound, embodying sound … 

inside our dream veins liquified… and woven

in living-breathing latticework… of lifelines connecting


running along criss-cross paths upon an undulating landscape 

of melting hills and trees dancing in the background


The abstract Chaos pattern of the perpetually transforming schematic, self-organising in my Hive Mind

manifested through dark shadow bodies echoing each other 

in an effort to trace the space within this greater Vessel… of ours


and at the same time creating it

The thinking cells of an organism trying to understand itself by following a ray of Light

endlessly refracted into an a-canonical Mirror room 

with each mirror constantly shifting and moving in space,


It is as though it is trying… frantically, 

in existential desperation

to gather its parts together 

and beam itself back to Source, 

without knowing exactly how

just being completely immersed in the exertion of its efforts,

trying to hit every possible angle in its reach

within Space 

and Time.

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