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Sweating teeth sink into the heart of feeling


[   -   I   am   a   feeling    machine   -   ]


Hungry and desperate and fearful…

there will be nothing left

to tear at the End. 


Stepping back transfixed

there-and-not-there, staring

in from the edges of this perennial battlefield


[   -   I   am   a   breathing   machine   -   ]


Inhaling the Lonely  

Exhaling wholesomeness 

Fabricated in the bile-seasoned stomachs of the once-lost

that have now learned their lessons

meekly wearing them in scars across their skin…


Take pride in survival 

but never the War 


Take pride in   S  u  r  v  i  v  a  l  

but never the   W  a  r  


This score can never settle

as long as there is wanting to feel 

anything more


than Peace

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