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Beyond the edge 

You thought you'd won 

and that the fight was over....


But far removed from truth

 - it was only a moment 

of respite

The victory illusory and evaporating

As the primordial fear 

shall rear

it's sprouting hydra head once more

to tell you that you re just as fallible 

and mortal 

as ever


Who we are is not who we strive

to be

With me, you are only fragile

as fragile as you wish to be

Since you come willingly...


I will destroy and hurt

only the excess 

Never the core, that fuels 

your heart  

and engine strings

that sing 

in purity of form and feeling 

as long as you are willing

to dive deep

and to risk

I'd let you keep 

all that's most  precious

And give you more 

of my own core

if you can take  it…


And if we make it.

We will both be 





Of sound

and visions

of shadow-light, dancing 

 - entrancing

once more

With elemental forces

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