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Audio-visual meditation in collaboration with Tarik Haskic.
The soundscape came first, conceived and mastered by Tarik and then the film inspired by the sound, was created afterwards by me.

The sounds come from a hand made percussive installation comprised of mainly bells made out of scrap metal (copper & steel) tubing and other recycled (mostly metal) materials. 
The sonic meditation is engaging with the imperfections of the Soul.
The use of discarded materials are symbolic of the imperfections of the Soul, which nonetheless can be (and sound) beautiful through their imperfect nature. 
Led by a fascination of life, as well as human relationships, nature and the body being in a constant state of transformative flow. 
Always present, always incomplete.

The video was created using original footage, collected over the last few years from different environments by Alice Karveli, focused on abstract elements that resonated with a certain power, a spirit of their own. Stitching them together in a distorted collage, wearing in and out of each other is an attempt to visualise the re-constructive, dreamlike nature of memory and the feeling of an ever changing and imperfect soul, always in motion, at times at peace and at times at odds with itself.

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