The Bone Collector            

The Bone Collector II.JPG

of the Nest . 

The Bone Collector I .JPG

Feeder and Protector.... 

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Guardian of the Nest.JPG
Nesting Instinct (symmetric black).jpg

For a long time

Laboriously gathered

At the river's lapping edge

Memories made material of

Sacrificial bone to the altar of Greed


instead of need...




                          -  too long

Blood in the Water.jpg
evaporating skyline.jpg
Nest throbbing with Death-Life.jpg

The Bones were found

as the bones found me. 


The omen was clear

A truth was near…  an apocalypse in the



A Balance in the breaking



           a Portal through Solid. 


“ In the depths of the damp and crumbling

concrete cavern-system

that has been my lair of the last 9 months

a Chimera Creature was gestating.... "

Dragon Trails.jpg
emerging out to shore.jpg

" Feeding on the brown-water-polished


of animals

sacrificed without restraint

to the voracious appetite of urban

humanoids. "

"Heavy bag-fulls of them I had to scavenge, devoutly from

the dirty river banks nearby

to keep it fed and satiated.

And it grew strong...

And it grew wise

and graceful.

And under one dark new moon of April, the portal-year of 2020

when the veil between the worlds was thin


It began to stir.... 

On the air it would learn to slither and glide preferring always

to stick to the Shadows,

for its truth was too heavy

for the Light to bare.




It will sing its song to you and tell its story.

The story of all Life


sacrificed to Other Life 


whether by its own Will or that of another... “ 

Bone Nest.JPG
Knots and Openings LOWER REZ.jpg

      RrrrRrrrattleSssssSssnake Invokes Chimera....       




The Dragon force of undead Creatures

Bound together by 

the threads of fate 

and memory


A Chimera


Slithers out of murky waters

into the corners of your mind


Chimera copy.jpg

the rusted tendrils 

of thoughts-like flight

but long since smothered, by the might 

of a Monsto-City beyond your reach

yet absolute in its rolling might… 

Mindlessly deciding your fate  

and the fate of so many 





                          - for far too long.




Come Here I.jpg

When you stare Death in the face...  

                                                                                                    it too,

                                           will stare back...

                                                                                  at  you.

The seed and wisdom of the blade is planted in Us



Boney feet hanging over

the souls of those that ate

Voraciously their fleshy bodies...


A summoning

of warning-wish

emerging from the waters then

Now roaming the corners of minds

Relentlessly seeking

An opening through which to enter...

A patch of ripened ground

To lay its seed

of ruthless wisdom:


"May you one day turn

the butcher's knife against

Your greed" - they speak


And those who listen

Who turn curses into boons

Will be the last ones standing...


With blades glinting

In the light

Of an ageing star


A mitosis is starting....

.... a flicker in the dark.

A flicker in the Dark .jpg
BiCameraL Mind, Through the Looking Glas

 The  BiCameraL Mind,  peering through the Looking Glass 

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .