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       Bones of the Brave      

If I was born brave 

How could I generate 

This power of becoming

... One


To take the unknown road

To let the voices guide you

To crack the Wounded fissure wide

To open skies that blind you

To make a friend of fear 

And let the earth unwind you


And let ...


Let the waters come let the waters come

Let the water flow let the water fall

To wash away the pain 

To wash away the stain that’s been in you too long 

And let you soul fly


Let your soul fly  

On the crows back

In the eagles eye

And the hawks cry


And from the the highest point of sky 

You call ...

To let the fire rise 

Let the fire dance let it come ablaze 

To burn away the pain 

To burn away the stain

That’s been in you so long it’s been in you too long


And let you soul fly 

Into the new and timeless  night skies 

Of home

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