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      Breaking the Mirror      

This mirror left us purer 

This mirror left us old


Reflected selves holding on to our pieces

Away from blind, floor-groping hands  

Taking a stand and they cut our ankles from behind 


In one swift, smooth-sudden motion 

The end of devotion


I held out longer than you…

Someone had to

As someone has to still


This mirror left us wiser

This mirror left us cold


Refracted mind rolling the will and wish to one side

Away from spasming grappling fingers

Taking the plunge showed us our weakness, in kind


[ and how it broke me over time ]


In a blink of an eye

In relentless slow motion 


Who will keep us now like this

Did it cut too deep this time - too fully?

I called you Weakness Within and you called me Madness Therein

But I always adored your blindness to love 

Begotten by pain

Begotten by love

And as we stood on the last outcrop of our Island

Furthest from home we had ever been

Closest to Self we have ever dreamed

I was no longer yours

You were no longer mine 


This time

I learned

To cut deeper

In time I hope I learn

to scar thicker

gilded armour-like

And then 

Only then

I will fly far again to cut once more 

still deeper

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