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Featuring an interdisciplinary body of work spanning the years [2016 -2023], Deathless Spells showcases from large scale mixed media oil paintings and smaller works on paper, to interactive sculptural installations with mobile and sonic elements, projections and spoken word soundscapes, as well as a cinema room with a looping reel of performance films.

The exhibition took place at The Crypt Gallery (Euston Road, NW1 2BA, London) 26th October – 1st November 2023 and beyond the opening night, there were two more events

 - "SONIC SPECTRES", 29th of Oct - a Collaborative Showcase Of Live Sound & Performance Art

 - "Reader Of Bones, Weaver Of Lifelines", 31st of Oct -  Collaborative Closing Ritual Performance 

Both featuring various other artists.

Digital photography by Aliki Karveli.

D e a t h l e s s   S p e l l s … . 

The Timeless Whispered

Archetypal visions

Of life-path trails 

long tread and still untrodden 

ecstatic in their Twisting dances 

Spun and woven in the Void

Expanding, unfurling

Collapsing and coiling 

All the way 


To the  S t a r t .

Analog photography by Claudia.
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