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From Birth to Death, pierced by the Burning Present

The inevitability  

of this moment…

Its movement 

a sharpened blade

a spike that drives inside you 

carries the seed

of all you need


With growing roots 

and growing trunk

into the past and future

Traces a lifeline as a dance

a winding helix in a trance 

opening worlds between its folds

the portals to peer into


The scales

of Seed of Life, unhatched

and Death’s untold conclusion 

are balanced as they should be

Woven as they are 

Not needing your permission



The pivot point immoveable 

and therefore 


you travel to and fro between 

the dream that hasn’t yet been seen 

the memory that still stays haunting…


And always at your centre point

the source of all that is you

the axis of the world is turning


From Birth to Death
from dawn to dusk

from thought to form 


This Tree of Life-like-dagger piercing 

you as ever 


fixed into the burning…



From Birth to Death, pierced in the Burn

You can purchase prints of this work  in A4, A3, A2 here:  

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