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Heedless but exalted

The voices told you… LISTEN  

                                            -     Listen     - 

                          -   Listen   -                               -    Listen   -

 -    Listen   - 

                                    -    Listen    - 

There will be signs upon your way - omens - warnings

                                    - one among them am I - 

But you will not take heed

And that is as it should be, as

You came to learn through pain and not through caution


You will accept it all, willingly 

And you will be grateful as you are, for 

Water in the deserts 

Each year will carve its marks upon your face 

And you will wear them all with pride 

over the tugging anguish


But sometimes…

You will burn with the fire of a thousand suns

As you think and dream and feel   -   the Lover

The one and only one

That lies beneath the skin of every flesh that you consume 

And consummate

In ritual celebration of your animal form


In each mind that rolls with yours in Time

                                                                   and Space 

With grace, you’ll find 

A promise of completion

And sometimes…

You will breathe stars out of your eyelids, as you shape 

The world around your path

Leaving in blood-puddles of your footsteps 

Flowers of sharpened thorn to grow

Turning their heads towards the darkest corners, as though 

The sun shines out of their core instead of

In the skies above them


Your Memory… is a Temple of Worship.


Walk alone

And walk Together

Hold onto hands and paws 

Strands of hair and branches 

Streams of water, wind… and Void


But bring the fire wherever you go 

From the depths of your deepest cavern

And when you face the cold of Soul

Let it echo and roar 

Around your burning fire-Core

Until your last breath.



You did not come here

to lose. 


You came here

to chose.

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