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       I    s   a      

This flow frozen still

Makes me drink you until

All boundaries blur within me

Between eyes of glass 

Made of iron and gold

Like the days of old


I thirst for you still...

Transforming the past 

Striving to mould a tomorrow

But there was only 




And the how…


How beauty hurts when it exits the sickroom

How mourners rejoice at a just cause to grieve

How fairness exacts revenge upon Will

And how death adorns life like a lover

Tender and cruel


Ideas like Pearls in crystal waters

Hiding from thieving greedy eyes

They are not for the many 

And they are not for the few 

They are only for you. 


Turquoise and emerald 

snaking currents under the surface

Shinning on smooth-soothing skin

Cave-open mouths of ancient rock 

singing their song around us

And the gully in me floods full to the brim

At the sight of your slim arching arrow form

Flow and float

Suspended in time as cradled in water 

Long and alive 

A lighthouse in my memory


And with the parting

A precious burning void now throbs 

In tendinous pulsating languor 

That is my anchor 

To what was 

And what could be 


The cave mouths now alone called me back

And took me in 

Within their primal bellies I writhed and stretched, out

My new limbs 

With every amputation

I grow a new appendage back it seems 

With the nurture of nature 

Paid by tribute of blood

And of song



And a vow to rise beyond 



A n d     e v e r y     o t h e r



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