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On a hunched back, the stones were carried

on a hex of a day a long ways away;

The map carved underneath one eyelid, 

the eye closed, not to lose the way


Armed with harm

free to roam the earth

as prisoner;


The trailing hair spoke of waterfall-sorrows,

The hearts tugged

Against the hooks, upon which

they were pierced 



Ancient as stories of lovelorn-fossils,

tucked in the folds of the hive’s shadow-mind


Come back to haunt the futures of Now 

Eternal returns of primordial thorns,

protrusions (almost) of safety

in a field that would otherwise empty 

of pain’s familiar 

⁃ hold 


for an Untold story to unfold

⁃ bend

      Mind’s  Will

as time 

from its cup is spilled;

As dread

from the cusp is poured; 


in the water’s fires 


As meaning

from a well is pulled;

As dreaming 

from life’s long steepened climb 

is lulled;


as it still comes calling



and free falling --






from its spool 

The guiding thread was still unwinding


in its Sickness Divine


The eye

that opened was piercing and bold

As cold was its armour, 

as warm was its ardor

encrusted stone

shielding a molten core




Sacred hologram of dreamscape  

               - What chance did YOU take? - 

Corporeal now for a penance to pay;

A beauty endowed 

with a horror

that drives

the boiling blood to icen; 

A pillar 

of granite-like lust 

to hold and collapse

The sky of a purest, 

tenderest reaching

of trust --


Broken by preaching


So this 

is Pain's familiar wish;

The Judgement’s apprentice 

ascended now, returns

With a verdict


by the cycles of this churning wheel,

its wild and riled spinning



Its potter laughing madly

- Gladly I heard the cosmic roar, 

a tricksters-giggle hatchling  - 




it is due… as the tides are 

long now pulled 

by the leash of the Moon;

But neither that nor this 

is made endless


The End is nothing to mourn

but to live



And somehow Quenched 

in the bottomless pit of its wanting;


by shameless hope

in the clasp of its flame;


A merciless kindness….




at long last,

with foot and heart still ever hardened 

from the arid length 

of this rope-burned-road; 

From the bowing prow;

From the arching bow

of this spine; 

The stones were carried 

and placed, 

as ever,

at the feet








an end 

for a birth

- As the death of an ending -

ignites a death;

As the birth 

of the end of a song;


A transmutation,

in Iteration


of a truth;

In the blinding shine

of primordial grime


of a Moment’s respite; 


In the blink of an eye --

At the brink 

of perennial forces 

at the bay of their play, 

bowed to the will

of a life in love of the timeless


to transcend 

the bounds of its flesh;



Unfurling quest;

Destroyers behest

and lovers pleading


Wrought by the breeding


Will to Become

and the desperate needing,

all the while,

to overcome it.

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