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Action can only be taken from a place of alignment.

A harmonious dance can be created out of the parts of a fragmented psyche.

We are living in a world where technology and social media is turning us into avatars. We are living in parallel digital dimensions disconnected from reality, the self and the world around us. This experience invites us to reconnect and re-discover nature being guided by animal spirits that emerge from the light to teach us in the subconscious, the dream world.



This video is part of a multi-media collaboration with artist Joana Palma.

You can discover more of  Joana's work on her instagram accounts @joanapalma.setdesign. and

The video of abstract visuals projected through the mirror room was created using an abstract perspex sculpture made by Joana, filming the shadow play we were creating with a moving light passing through it inside the mirror room itself in an experimental shoot. 

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