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All life springs from the same Source. Life begets life that in turn begets more life in its own image, always different yet always the same in some fundamental way…  

     The idea of this series is for the works to be created without thinking or pre-planning, guided by intuition, instinct and the subconscious/unconscious mind to see what emerges naturally. Their creation process is an automatic one, heavily based on the perception of movement, in an interoceptive, proprioceptive and exteroceptive sense simultaneously. 

      Feeling for the common pulsing thread dancing to life the single-cell, the animal, the human, the planetary and the galactic body to life, generating all shapes and forms, in the image of one another, these works are made. In the liminal space of gestation, after an initial conception, through Will and the necessity of change and before coagulation and crystallisation begins.

  Works on Canvas  
    Mixed Media on Wood   
  Works on Paper  
  In the making