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There was a blinding light 

before we heard the warnings…

somehow bringing with it 

a texture of confusion and transcendence 



And in the dark that followed

thick and viscous 

cobwebbed and honed


I spun… 

the golden lifeline threads

inwards towards and around my centre

a dancing vortex growing in the space now freed

by the quieting human life 


A spider’s wisdom hidden in its  depths


I walk and as I walk 

I find around me stillness

Encased within a churning Storm

[[  Greater than any of us  ]]

Its streaming spiral eye vibrating

cascading waves of life 


by a force unknowable 


And from its centre

the tendrils come out… 

feeling the satelliting forces 

gestating in their own cocoons

tracing tentatively 

electrostatic bursts emanating from

the melting of tissues - the liquifying of bones

re-binding and restructuring

into new forms

sometimes sublime 

others abhorrent

but all of them boiling with it

transforming in time

as is the world around us 


Sometimes a voice will break the silence

like the raking nails of despair unwilling to let go of their hold

hooked deep into souls that knew no other way

To pray...

I sit and wait

i cannot run outside

they have to come to me

and only if they’re willing 

To lift the veil and brave the storm

Reminding every scar

fighting to heal every wound that won’t stand still…

bleeding fresh 

precious life down city drains

That pain is beauty

And all Life flows back to the same Source 


The birds sing livelier this year

and skies are clearer

As i long to be

to return to the Sea

held fast i am by concrete bricks and mortar

I bring to me 


And I bring it through me

wherever i go 


These alternating waves


They fill me to the brim

and turn the World asunder


No wonder

We are blessed

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