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An evolving performance, film, installation and sound work, inspired by the spirit of Butoh.

An experiment on feeling the textures in sonic space as one is dragged through and against, the sharpened edges of the membrane enclosing the inner landscape, by the multitudes of shadow-creatures that lie therein.
They pull to all directions.
They call for an unfolding.... Cohesion through Dismemberment and Fragmentation. 

For the sound various types of experimental percussion was used, coupled with intuitive voice, all fed through delay and reverb pedals.

All original sound and editing by Alice Karveli. Filmed by Mehul Aryan Modha.

The first live performance was in 2019.

The film was exhibited at "Mars and Beyond" exhibition in the OXO Tower, February/March of 2020 (right before the first lockdown) together with an installation by fellow artist and friend Joana Palma, titled the 5th Empire. We thought the pieces worked well together since they were centered around similar themes and could enhance each other in the space. 

The film was exhibited again as an installation in 2020 at Art Number 23... 

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