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          Song of a Scorched Earth          

Drawn … .  .    .





I hear a voice in the desert

Thrown like an arrow at Dawn


Chasing the Sun like a mad dog

A spectre of all lost and gone 


I follow their trails

Like scrying entrails 

Bones blown to dust beneath my feet

Flesh long eaten by vermin

Yet still 

they are Wanting


Through me


Their whispered prayers a taunt 

A haunting

I walk....

with my teeth on my heart strings


by a forest of thorns 


The blades of the sun on my back when

The change came on through the rift

A Split in horizon

A swarm 

In writhing streams

Creatures of venom around me


with Fang, talon and sting 

They gift me the song 

of the scorched earth


by the fiery wind


[ [ Transformed now I … will be…] ]


I’ll be the voice in the desert

Tracing its edges with song


To bury the sword and bury its sorrows 

Peace never comes to those

who mourn


And with the last 

flame-tongue of dusk

I’ll burn....





Till Night devours me 

Till Night   d  e  v  o  u  r  s  me


B.  A.  C.  K.

Heedless but exalted

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