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      Soul  Contracts      

D  r  o  n  e  … .


On until your soul fades


S e e e e e e ping






                       the layers of 


f o s s i l i s a t i o n


Protecting its purest essence


It was an age-old pact

A   S o u l  C o n t r a c t   -  if you will

That by personal gods and demons willing 

Was destined to lead you to the uncovering of Truth


The  l o o p i n g  of memory

The childhood floor scraping

Teenage knuckle-smashing / forearm-gashing

Grasping for love-scraps

Swearing at the sky when it refused to rain

Teeth chattering throughout 

To rhythms only you can here

In waking and dreaming 


And All


The layers   b e t w e e n 


And All


The winding tunnels  W i t h i n 


A l w a y s  lead

to the same  p l a c e


A hole that is always hungry 

But never knowing whatever  F O R


Those creatures you saw in the mirror 

Whose eyes you borrowed and wore

From the depths of the glass-cut ocean

What bargains you struck 

For a piece of the shore?


More is more is more is  M O R E

And it isn’t just me and it isn’t just you 

But the very world that bore us

More and more and more and  M O R E


Until MORE collapses in on itself unable to hold it

An    i  m  p  l  o  s  i  o  n





And that’s ok.



New worlds are born

In the stillness 

Of the aftermath

To learn to become boundless


All over again

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