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Spirits come…

Into and through you


From the deepest part of your bone-hallowed memory’s

intrinsic soul-marrow 

genetically codified 

through blood-rites long before your time

yet with the coming of your tides 

willingly the code is broken…

….down and modified


Ascetic and (ever so )


you are as you hold

the roots of your past and 

the seeds of your future within you

your core exposed

ripe for purification

or annihilation…


Which you cannot trust or tell

but still you must rip open

 - for none that surrender can broken - 


…Ancestral guides from other lives 

come pouring out

and pouring right back in you

the medicine map to 

bring you back


into your calling


To weave the thralling

of a song

that shapes and forms the dreamscape

where life stands still

outside of Time’s

relentless tidal forces


The words will spill, from soothing voices 

“Never mourn us as your losses…

Break down your walls

open your portals 

and lets us loose 

to burn your noose and burn your crosses

turn your curses into boons 

and your innocence to wisdom”


You are a vessel

and a prism

not a dead-end 

or a prison.

Soul Surgery.JPG

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