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Spirit Fire

The full force of this life… 

…this feeling

Fuelling the core of this moving fire of mine

No One can take in fully.


Few have tried

only to fail 

and burning, melting

wail with me 

laments of paths untrodden 

dreams un-lived

and minds unraveled 




All I have to give 

remains largely hidden  

unbidden nightmares chasing me 

even beyond the edge

of this line you drew for an Ending 


I am still repenting 

my fires' stories yet to unfold

they still keep a strong hold 

of me


I'm sure I was once told

as I am sure I told you:

“this fire, will consume it All “


But if the Fear is what goes first 

then only Phoenix rises 


and above  

all those dreams un-lived 

the souls unloved

the paths untrodden

the minds unraveled 


I    h a v e    n o t    f o r g o t t e n    a n y    o f    i t.

And never will I ever


In hoping the same holds true for you 

I’ll blaze and burn 

and wait until

a new night swathes me

with new truths…


Until a new sun rises.

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