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Shimmers violently…


And no one to bear witness

[Is it really me out there?]


Breaking every bone in the body with delight


Deliverance from mortal fright

As the plight is brought down crashing

On corporeal parts


Each time

She gets a little closer still…

Do you see, where the silver line is?


It’s where the blind live

Scribbling symbols, secret mantras on the rocks

None of them will ever know the secrets of the other

And that is as it should be

Protectors they are

Living off secrets like wolves live off flesh

And when she’s done, with all bones broken

She will move to the eye sockets

And so,

Will finally 

Join them


Over the line of horizon and sane mind, alike

Where landscape cascades into sounds of visions 

For no one to see but she… 

with no one to tell


In a suspended spasm of lonely…

Eventually the hermit rebirths herself

So many times and nights and years and lifetimes

Over and over and over and over

Still here

Still writhing with it

Still riding it into the forest, long fallen now…

Through the canyons, long dried up now

Through the bottoms of oceans still nursing their ghostly white coral 

Like they can’t let go of their loss


And her loss… streaming behind her in streaks of screaming

red-ragged tendril flags


every time

But never ever leaving 

their nest - her chest… 

always gripping, ripping at the mouth… as she tries to outrun

The cost


Far far and farther still, she rides 

the spine of only companion ever trusted 

Red-eyed and blue-glowing, ghost-mane flowing

Skeletal Warhorse

Tireless as is remorseless

Carries her spirit through.


And it will be there for you too

whenever summoned. 

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