The Bonds you Choose is a site specific live performance piece involving intuitive movement with a single string of rope that has been turned into an instrument with the help of a contact microphone. 


    It shows the individual at times struggling and at others dancing with, a bondage of their own creation. The self is the only thing that moves. The thing we are bound to, if it is of one’s own mental construction, is quite immovable. 

I am exploring the processes and psychological implications of such a dynamic through the embodied practice of performance, in a fully immersive multi-sensory way in real time, as the movements of entangling myself with the rope and occasionally playing it like a cord or a heart-string, creates the soundscape within which and with which, I move. 


    The sound from the rope is going through some effect pedals and a base-loop was initially created to set a backdrop/backbone to the soundscape which then unfolds through the movements of the performance itself. This is an evolving project, both due to the site specificity and all the other possible ways a length of rope could be used that call for further exploration. There will be more editions to come.



This footage is from the second time this piece was performed live and the first time it was performed with this sonic setup, on the opening night of the exhibition “Contemporary Fine Art”, 7th of February 2020, at Art Number 23, in the Old Biscuit Factory. 


Name of the person who took this footage is unknown.

© Alice Karveli 2019

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