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From the Crypt: The Bonds you Choose II


Sometimes struggling Sometimes dancing with, a bondage of its own creation, the Self is the only thing that moves…

The thing it is bound to - an unyielding mental construction, is quite immovable. 


“The Bonds you Choose” is a site specific live performance piece exploring the processes and psychological implications of such a dynamic through the embodied practice of performance, in an immersive multi-sensory way in real time.

The piece is led by intuitive movement with a single string of rope, turned into an instrument with the help of contact microphones, effects pedals and an amp.


The movements of entangling/untangling the performing body with the rope, sometimes dancing -  sometimes struggling with it and occasionally plucking it like a cord or a heart-string, create the soundscape within and with which, I move. To embody the struggle with the bonds facilitates catharsis. To embody the dance is to embrace the bonds with grace. Accepting the choice creates a more harmonious movement with it.


This is an ever-evolving sonic movement project, both due to the site specificity and all the other possible ways a length of rope could be used in movement practice that call for further exploration. 

"From the Crypt" is the second official sonic and site specific performance - scroll down to see documentation of the first one. 

Filming and rough cut by the Sandspur Media. Find immediately bellow a longer (20') edit.

Was a pleasure working with this crew in the amazing musty space of crypt beneath the Church in Euston, London, for the Wilderness exhibition, in March 2021.

There will be more editions to come, in different spaces, including the outdoors.

Photos by Dave Moody
Long (20') Cut made for showcasing at IKLEKTIC's  event
"Sonic Electronics - Female Noise Composers" in May 2021.
The Bonds you chose  III - The web 
The Bonds you chose  I

This documentation is from the first time the full piece including interactive sound was performed live, at the opening night of the exhibition “Contemporary Fine Art”, 7th of February 2020, at Art Number 23, in the Old Biscuit Factory. 

Here the rope is used as a single strand, creating a more simplified way to move with it. 


Name of the person who took this footage is unknown.

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