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   The Cleansing    

We were phase-changing


Flickering through different beds and nesting places… 

a montage in crossfades; appearing into one 

while disappearing from another

each of them saturated with a distinctly different feeling 

a fragile sense of ephemeral safety and comfort linking them 

across the vast precarious land-and-time scapes of impermanence…


all of them dense in memory and energy filled objects 

all of them we had to leave -  always in transit - perpetually 

floating between worlds 

uncertainty was not the enemy though… we had to surf and slide 

on its uneven surface

as water flows on rock,

and sea mammal on water. 


Then when the call was heard 

and we were ready 

the water came 

to perform the cleansing: 

a long time we had waited, longed for it. and now 

the time had come

in a large industrial dream-space 

with huge dirty glass windows up to the high high ceiling 

letting in the cold clean light

to distil our essence 


The grime and the purity existing simultaneously in the space around us….  

reflecting as it did the truth of the space within us

encased as we were in concrete, glass and metal

as we often are in waking life…

there was so much room to dance within 

and without 

and with each other

circling and spinning

around the axis of each one and round the one in-between us

naked and freed and purifying

from indoor shower-rains pouring

from above… falling from the high high ceilings 

laughing in wild abandon, locked in trance….dance












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