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   The Composition of our Self   

Exhibition on a small performance based body of work selected under this title as a cohesive unit, held at "Poems and Crimes" Art Bar in Athens, October 2019. 

These works were made in collaboration with James Crouch during the years of 2016 - 2018.

An artist talk presenting the works followed by a discussion with Q & A happened on two of the three days of the show.

The works included were : 

 "Locked in Orbit" (2015) - full film more material on my website :

"What hides in you / What hides in me" (2017) - link to website :  

"Reach" (2017-2018) - link to website :


They were exploring themes of connection/disconnection, harmony/dissonance and the processes of shadow-work and individuation within the context of relationship.

[ I will be trying to add english subtitles to this at some point in the future ]

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