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   The Flaming Arrow   

Knotted between bleeding fingers

straining and calling for help…


A moment of obscurity saves me 

from death in the spotlights

of a city so bright it caved the earth it stands upon

with all the darkness it hides within it


Bury me in your memory

deeply and softly within

somewhere my voice can still reach you

on nights you will dare to dream of its call


A Death in instalments…

the new payment now due:

Walking through gateways and portals 

that topple in on themselves as soon as you’re through

No way back

and no way to track


it is the enemy of faith


And faith in us

stricken blindly like lightning

cracked the temple we built

all the way





to its roots


In a city so bright

that its darkness was shining 

crisp bolds of lightning locking our eyes 

as we kissed 

for the first and the last time


As we hissed 

the venoms bestowed upon us

by our minds and bloodlines

Dripping onto a sizzling earth

that could no longer hold us both


But still in the nights to come i will croon: 


Come back to me hidden

come to me in dreams

As long as this ground i walk upon can hold me

i will hold you in me too


With a strength no army could wield 

and arrow to break your shield 

with its gentle 



I  M  P  A  C  T 

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