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The Gift - Burning, Flowing, Growing

Burning, throbbing

ever-reaching roots of Fire

Flowing, icing, yearning 

rivers of Forgetful Memory

and the great God-given, Demon-driven 


is bestowed 

through silver thread

or threat 

of crashing Lightning


Frightening and terrible 

the beauty of belonging

amongst the blessed…

The gifted-cursed 

creatures of this soul-stream


Here to dream and glean and grow

ever inwards, ever outwards

ever downwards, ever upwards

in visions shared and blood rites

as we roll and run and scatter

to be rejoined again 

in our last deathly hallows…


Bared and bound

by why we came here

Exalted and torn

by what we learned 


Rise to this 

Brother, Lover, Sister

Mother, Father… Friend and

Enemy of mine

… for I leave none behind.


This your burning, flowing, growing 


Take it. Be it. 

Redeem its form…


Unto its utmost, fullest function.

The Gift - Burning, Flowing, Growing.JPG

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