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The Great Returning

Tearing ragged soul-deaths from the back of the throat

Hold onto the scaffolding 

Of a universe still under construction 

In perpetual destruction

For dear Life and Logos….


And if words never mean anything again in this space?

….Surely, this is the closest thing

To bliss

There is to find


Learning how to befriend the Void 

Within and Without

The Self and the Other

The seed in the Mother

The basis of survival down here


She spread us all out far 

from each other

So we learn, to 

Suffer and crawl, uphill


Slowly circling towards the Centre, 

The mountain peak awaits 

Spitting out repentance of sins in its hot magma breath

Forgiveness is True Death here


Redeemer-Death.. from the despairing desire 

                                             and desire for despair 

We no longer bear to share

Between us

Within us...


Its time.

After all the uphill clawing

The yearning

The mourning

The learning 


To be free


You said to me then  -   we’ll be returning

To the belly of the Void…



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