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…. From the ashes of a ruined nest that was set ablaze time and time again. 


The Raven-Mage will come in dreams 

bearing knowledge, lessons and reminders…

Of how to safely travel through the planes 

of this multilayered, precarious Reality.

How to unite the clashing, warring opposites Within

to master agency over the Self

and the forces Without 

that tear and burn our nests down. 


This Time is ours if we claim it so. 

This Life is ours if we claim it so. 

So let us claim it so.


The nests that have been burned will not be mourned as losses

but as openings for new beginnings. 

And the hot air rising from their smoking pyres.…

….the thermals upon which to rise 


as Phoenix. 


The way is shown 

but we too, have to carve it. 

In lines in the sky that can be seen from ground like Maps and Omens

for the future


Claim your power. 

Feed the Fire.


Alice Karveli_The Raven-Mage will rise a

You can purchase prints of this work here:

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