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      The Screaming Void Within/Between Us        

My scream - Your scream… 

The one that joined our soul-streams

Pouring out the One Great Void

That holds Everything in it

Weaving the Chaos-web of Time

Its secret - sacred order hidden, from entangled minds

Unbidden mirages to cast it deep into the recess

Where our young, gestating Wisdom lies 


This ragged song we sing

From torn-out throat and heart-string

Spreading its tender venom-sting

outwards and forwards…

inwards and backwards…


All the way through

To the Source that birthed us, unearthed us


A plea


Suspended in Time… Reverberating in Space…




To rest.

The Screaming Void Within:Between Us.jpg

You can purchase prints or the original of this work here: 

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