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Who and What is this < i > that looks
and sees 
behind your eye?

This experimental performative film project is exploring states of “seeing” and “non-seeing”…  from an initial (perhaps anxiety induced) blindness to hightened perceptive awareness: visionary/ecstatic/frenetic states etc. 

It is playing with ideas of the nature and perspective or inner state of the Observer, becoming the thing that is in turn observed, as through an internal mirroring of the possibilities and expressed facets of the “seeing/non-seeing” polarity.


The title suggest the consideration of the observing principle within, as the (at times elusive) archetype of the Self; the part that is awareness rather than persona, that can extend beyond it’s own perceived or assumed limitations, perhaps discovering something more. 

This work is intended to be further developed, exploring at least two more different states of perception through this single-eye-performance motif.

Co-performed by Alice Karveli, James Crouch and Poppy Majer, 2017.
All original sound by James Crouch and Alice Karveli.
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