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      The SoothSayer       

Serpent-healer, Serpent-stealer…

Whisper -sings

Split the tongue between the teeth

Tearing the seams

Of gnawing wisdom

That forked the road unknown

Which I must follow

With hollow entrails - hollow eyes

And hallowed hope made out of lies

I had to swallow

The poisons drip, when bit by bit

It flayed my truths bare

And led me to its lair


Praying in secret my keeper was…

And i must carry

It all with me

The faintest whispers of the sea beyond this crossroads

No one knows and no one dares 

To think

or count... how many times 

We’ve been here

With tired eyes and broken ties 

Singing out of bleeding ribcages

Through and out

Beyond the ages


Countless doubtless they are

Countless boundless they form

Beyond reflections unknown and yet…






And re-occurring


Until the certainty coagulates 

And the barriers dissolve 

And   c




                           b    l   

                                     e       like ideas


Whose time is over.


Grieve. Recover.

Breathe. Uncover.

SoothSayer's HeartStrings.JPG

Moon-blood, oil paint, gloss metal paint, Wood, wax & cotton thread, Bones from the Thames

77 x 71 cm [canvas only], 178 x 114 cm [full frame installation] 2020-2023

You can purchase prints of this work  here:

The SoothSayer .jpeg
The SoothSayer - installation.JPG
Southsayer (Mark's cam).JPG




Gel pen on recycled paper [19.5x22cm] 2023

You can purchase prints of this work  here:

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