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(( u- R -u ))

You are...


the most beautiful 


never believed deserved 

…yet dared to asked for


W e   s u m m o n e d   e a c h   o t h e r


And as our voices danced and our hearts touched 

encircling one-another

My core exploded into

a million shards

of glowing dark

and rainbow light…


And as I slowly oscillate 

From effervescence to crystallisation


I will become your slave

and your master in turn

So we both will alternate and learn 

responsibility and trust

that heals all past wounds 


W e   a r e   t h e   d r e a m s   t h a t   d r e a m   u s


I’ll hold the space and clear the path for you

to reach

the deepest cave and highest peak

within your soul-scape

…the places where the teachings come

I’ll be the earth that will cover you

moulding you

shaping you into 

your godhood 

The waters that will flow around 

and through you

clearing, re-birthing, releasing your full form 

The winds that will carry you 

flying and free 

to everyplace Within and Without

you ever wished to see/be

The sacred fire that will rise and bind with yours 

and set ablaze

all that once was Yours and Mine

and make it Ours


 O u r   s w i r l i n g   v o i c e s   f l o a t i n g   h i g h   a s   i t   d e v o u r s   


And deep within 

the space between us...

New worlds will germinate 

and spiral into Being 


Creating and freeing 

the Form

that yearns to be born

from   S p i r i t .

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