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 Void  Madrigals

       Synaesthetic interdisciplinary performance-ritual within the context of an interactive, sonic installation, involving visual, textural and movement elements. 


This project is part of an ongoing research using the performing body and other objects (sometimes found and unrelated to traditional art-tools) as mark-making and simultaneously sound-making implements upon the sonified surfaces/parts of an installation, 

that explores the merging of mediums as alchemical multi-sensory synthesis guided by intuition and a surrender to unconscious drives. 

The outcome with each iteration of this experiment is ever uncertain, thus ever surprising as any manifestation of chaos.

. .  .   .    .      The Aftermath
Photos by Alice Karveli. 
Resulting painting works after some minimal final touches . .  .   .
[[ all these works, including the banners, are available for sale so please contact directly via email for more information ]]

       This particular Iteration of this research, titled Void Madrigals is a collaboration and is ... (as written by Vago) "Aiming at exploring the liberating creative possibilities found in happenings in the 70s (SOHO-Studio 54 for example), a hybrid performance is set up in the industrial space of the Π6 venue in Athens. Part a visual event, part a music concert this set of tableaux fuses different art disciplines to an evening of indecipherable outcomes. Alice Karveli (London) builds an installation by making equal use of the human body and lifeless materials in a performance crossing over to ritualism. The outcome produced reinstates itself as movement in space; it alternates between choreographed tasks and improvisation while it indicates its butoh influences. Steering clear of any linear development in its formation Vago Tedosio’s music functions as a constantly evolving soundtrack to the visual action, gelling together the different genres constituting the performance."


NOTE: : This is video of the full performance from only one of the cameras filming, just for documentation purposes. There will be a shorter more worked-on film with different footage coming out soon.




Aliki Karveli: Visual installation, performance, rituals, flute

Vago Tedosio: Music composition, piano performance

Movement performance: Maria Papa, Joanne David

Adam Koan on camera 

Videographer currently unknown

Photos by Irene Chatzilakou
The Body and the Brush .    .   .  . .     at first touch