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Prints can be ordered via my Etsy Shop

and if you don't see there what you are looking for, order  directly via email!
All original works are also for sale: prices negotiable (also possibility for trade) so if interested, please contact directly via email, making sure to state your interest in the subject title.

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  My painting practice is a way of integrating my inner experience of the spiritual aspect of life and Creation… Their cyclical nature, ordeals/ecstasies they bring and growth achieved beyond them. Tracing the flow of elemental forces, entities, abstract and archetypal forms, allowing symbols and patterns to emerge organically. 


The images emerging can surprise me, challenge me, support me, comfort me and always they are revelatory and become in a way my teachers.   What do they do for you? What do you see in them? 

Creator's Key
[W]hole in Time
The Dragon's Egg
Necrophagos : Protector of Faith, Transmuter of Fear and Keeper of Wisdom
Spirit Portal
Time and its Double
Smoke Totem Speaks
Birth of an Earth-like Planet
To Burn as One
The Guide who walks through Worlds
The Raven-Mage will rise as Phoenix
The Knot that Binds Us...
Self-Healer, Self-Feeler
The Gift - Burning, Flowing, Growing
The Birth of a Creature... in Deep Time
The Dreaming Tree
Receiving of primordial Light
Under the Shadow of the Dark Shaman... The Tunnel-Bridge through which they Pour
As The World was Made in Water
The Mother-Wound
Those who dare to Learn to Fly
Soul-Group Ascending back to Source
The Path, The Vein, The Portal
The Monolith
On Opposing Sides
Breathing out the Poisons
Keepers of the Light Under the Sea
From Birth to Death
Keepers of the Light Under the Earth
Soul Birth, Soul Dive,  Soul Bind
The Split before Time
Sea-Sun Sleeping Under...
The Fall to Earth
Blood pact spirit
Hollow Hills
Death holds many faces
Mushroom Teacher
Spiral-Dance of Shadow-Light
Flight of Bird that brings...
Creating Soul-Twins
The Great Returning
Death-Tree stands the Tallest
Where Two Seas Meet
The Link
Holy Mountain
When the World was Young Still
Riding the Dragon
Two Caves
The Soul-Birthing Place.
Daemon of the Crossroads
Birth of an Earth-like Planet
Dance with Elemental forces
Black Moon Rising
Apocalypse Times
Blue sun
The Owl Wispers
The Melting Pot - Triptych
Celestial Body
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