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Fall anew ....

Blow it all out 

Of the water - fall 


Like a comet storm 

Engulf the skies 

Destroyer of life

But bringer of light    

Destroyer of life

Yet bringer of light



Flickering sparks in the Void 


But a moments respite from the blackest night


Like a memory of scars 

In a stormy sky


Underneath all of which

What you see is more dangerous

There to remind you the safety of dark


When you close your eyes

When you close your mind

To protect

To protect your heart

Where it’s safe

Where it’s safe from harm. 


A memory of you

Like a candle flame 

A memory of you

To light your way

And sky above you

Now ablaze

The sky above you 

Now ablaze


My foe… my friend my lover


Be daughter be son

Be mother be father

Be sister be brother 

Be creature of earth


Remember inside you

The light will blind you

So go to the darkness 

The safety of home

The light will blind you 

But also remind you

Indestructible forces 

That lie within


So count your losses 

And bless your curses 

Remember remember you’re here for life


Is it for a moment

Or is it forever

How do we know where it starts or it ends?

Is it for a moment

Or is it forever

Remember remember

You always and never die


You always and never 

Never forever 

Remember remember 

Your darkness and light


And Sound travels through Time

You’re Sound that travels through Time


The Universe singing to you

The Universe singing through you


A seed of Source dreaming of you 

A seed of Source dreaming through you

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