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Snake Tongues and Dragon bones 


Crone’s hands and crow’s feet


You meet…


Needle eyes tug on heart strings 


Night-wakes as day-dreams 


A prised token the loom weaved 


Blessed-cursed  the seeds seethe 


A grieving call in joy’s thrall 




Rocks watching as trees breathe 


Walls melting as tides soar


Above the roar


With bearings found in a chance lost


Its cry soft it’s skin raw 


Stroked by fang and wolf’s paw 


Eagle claw and owl feather 


Thrown the anchor, tied the tether 




The Mountain that climbed Mohamed’s back 


The hunter that the deer tracked 


Antler-spear and moon’s blood


the drought drenched in a parched flood




The story told - a vow so old 


Traps set but bonds break


Against odds and high stakes


The Dragon Wakes





Sticky thoughts in a sharp mind


Folding its edges to hide 


The face of its guilt from 


the eye of its pride


The holes of its need from  


A sickness divine 





It will be clean in time


It will set free 

the time


And so returned 

To me.  


With each forgotten lifetime 

And each handwoven lifeline. 

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