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Water is Home when the Earth is Hostile. 

Floating free and beyond harm…

in elemental liquid boundlessness. 

Abandoned yet boundary-less, 

draped by smooth contact on all sides corporeal, spiritual

perceived and imagined… 

Suspended in the cosmic amniotic fluid.


Sacrifice the Sorrows to the water…

let them spill 

out and back to Source.


The sacrificial act itself 

if done in unconscious compulsion

the freedom it brings

comes at a cost:
the Drowning.

Safety in the cocoon of Numbness

brings forth a deeper loss…

A bluntness of 

the spirit-sword of conscious action 

The voice and Word 

with which to manifest 

in the World Above the Water.


Then the Water is Forgetfulness…


And drowning, the compulsive nature 

of a sacrifice done out of escapism 

and cowardice

exhaustion and need for deep-rest.


But when need for deep and death-like rest is sated…

it’s time to learn to swim.

To step back into power


conscious action to change…

A Transmutation.


And it has to run its course like this…

this unavoidable process 

That nevertheless can catalyse and fuel

deeper diving 

into Self 

and growth of new extremities… into the world of Spirit.

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