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Its bicameral depths still unexplored

The maze that haunts the memory

Makes the reverie soar

Its mechanical depths still indeterminable

Undetected... for traces of Soul


The rope that binds it also saves

The sun that blinds also reminds


The youth of Loss, the old age of Plenty 

Remorse between the angst and peace within

Just as in Dream 

The Hook and the Scream

Erase you well, erase you deep

My Mind to keep, my Soul to keep

Erase me deep, rewrite me still

Your Soul to save, Re-Birth and Kill.

Erase me deep, rewrite me still

Your Soul to save, Re-Birth, fulfil.


Of rag and bone the Hand that feeds

Of blood and thorn the one that frees

The ball and chain that took its toll,

still has its pull, and so its hold


Out of sight, out of mind…

The Mind Divine

devises… devices… [de-vices]

Stretches engulfs as it unfolds

The mind divides

In Time…

Divides and breaks down to its parts

The All it always seems to swallow


It (s)wallows within as it (s)wallows without

You and me we can do without

You and  me 

                     we can do 



But where does your faith lie? 

What does your strength hide? 

Beneath the deepest

Beneath the weakest point of view

Beneath the weakest point of you. 





The centre of the labyrinth 

                             can only be reached

When you have walked every inch of it 



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