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This illusion taught me well

with its strange delirious glow 

It seemed to whisper show and tell

You’ll lose it all

You’ll lose it all




You will lose all you wish to keep

To love

To dream

To fathom

Our minds will stretch and bend - Extend…

Then buckle under Wisdom 


Your mind will be whole in mine and mine, will be

a hole in Time

And from it,

Stretching outward tendril-trails

Dug deep into Illusion-Landscapes

Worn and weathered by the tread…. Of so many lost

So many Dead

Why they chose well-trodden paths they do not know 

but I do…


The thankless task of burrowing 

Through crusted cracked and barren soils

The first to dig the first to go

Is not for weak or weary

as old and re-remembered song shall pour 





                       newly rusted veins

                             with new acrid compassion



Suffers the old as suffered the new

We were all New once… and true

It was all true once.


And for All.

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