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Something has to give you 

back to yourself, Alone 

and only 

Alone and lonely here, Remotely 

clear you hear the call of tongues 

the fall of songs eerie

and familiar


But when down shore they 

worship the profane, how 

can you find the way back 

Upstream with no luck

no row no boat you float

adrift beyond the shores that bore you,

that still adore you


You wouldn’t know

the call beyond this wall

of beating crashing waves upon 

your memory, your fires now quenched 

Abandoned sails

with wails of anguished hope you roll 

Down with the currents and out beyond

all you once thought known


to bury yourself in horizon 

to find out what’s true 

to discover what the deepest part of you 


all along 


but couldn’t hear it bubble up from Within

while all those voices Without 

drowned it out in your mouth 

and out of your eyes, back, into your throat back 

into your imagined skies at night.


And you’ll grow old and then you’ll find 

In the dark night of your Soul, when 

you were drifting far and blind

exploding stars danced brighter above than any Sun of Morning. 


Until the moment comes 

when yearning lands upon the one

who burns in your eyes brighter…

And right before the coming dawn 

You are found:


Immersed in Sound

Ablaze and released

into Bliss


Suspended on the Borderline 

where union is ultimate Truth.

To burn as One...JPG

First iteration of this visual concept, Inks on A4 Paper 2019. Prints available:

To Burn as One - BW print.JPG

Revisiting the same vision in large canvas format, summer 2022. Photographed before the addition of Oil colours.

Prints available:

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